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God Knows! One Pastor’s Reply To Open TheismColin McDougall11/02/2018
The Lord’s GuidanceRichard D. Patterson10/05/2018
Q. In Judges 14:4 it says, in effect, that God somehow brought about Samson’s marriage to the young Philistine woman. What do you make of this? Did God make Samson sin?Bob Deffinbaugh08/09/2018
20. Entering God’s Holy Presence (Exodus 40:1-38)Steven Cole07/17/2018
18. God’s Presence: Dangerous, but Essential (Exodus 33:1-17)Steven Cole06/25/2018
Q. Did God Turn His Back On Jesus?Bob Deffinbaugh05/17/2018
8. Exalt the Lord God! (Exodus 8-10)Steven Cole03/29/2018
Finding Glory In Pain And ProblemsCraig Biehl03/02/2018
2. How God Uses Failure (Exodus 2:11-25)Steven Cole02/19/2018
God Is NearRichard D. Patterson02/12/2018
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Does God have a sense of humor?